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Sydney Dance & Gymnastics Academy

Sydney Dance Gymnastics Academy
  • About Us:
  • Dance
  • Upper North Shore
  • Location
  • Roseville, Lindfield and East Lindfield
  • 2069, 2070
  • New South Wales
  • Need to Know

Sydney Dance & Gymnastics Academy (SDGA) was founded in 2011 with the goal to create exceptional dance classes where students feel encouraged and empowered to achieve their goals. 

Sydney Dance & Gymnastics Academy hopes to instil in our students a life long love of dance, teach them the importance of perseverance and equip them with the confidence to perform in front of an audience - all valuable life skills. Students have the opportunity to perform in the annual concert, participate in Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Exams and take their dance training to the next level with Development and Performance Troupes. 

Over 50 students join SDGA's pickup each week from Roseville Public, Lindfield Learning Village and Lindfield East Public schools.  This free walking pickup is where teachers meet the students at school and walk them to the studio for classes.

Roseville, Lindfield, East Lindfied