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TinkerTank - St Leonards

TinkerTank - St Leonards
  • About Us:
  • Lower North Shore
  • Location
  • 58 Atchison St, St Leonards
  • 2065
  • New South Wales
  • Need to Know

Between school closures and social distancing, our kids have an immediate need for live, structured learning and remote collaboration. Tinkertank has over 5+ years of EdTech experience and an expansive course lineup and proprietary curriculum, that is like no other! TinkerTank is uniquely prepared to help your family right now and through the coming months with our Studios, Labs and online learning platform, "PLAY".

At TinkerTank students are encouraged to build their ideas with current technology and materials. TinkerTank's approach is to inspire and empower students to collaborate, construct and create. Our mentors are facilitators for the students, and also encourage them to seek out resources to learn on their own, and to mentor each other. Our philosophy to honour students’ creativity and trust their abilities. Students gain confidence in their abilities become capable of learning and doing anything!

♥ Holiday Workshops and online learning programs are available! ♥